Native Mobile Content in Asia – Cartoon Network’s “Anything”


Cartoon Network is going where their audiences are: creating unique content for a mobile-only generation. Smart recognition by a major cable network that for younger viewers, mobile isn’t the first or second screen, it’s the only screen. I wonder when this will make it to the US, and will it be free of TVE authentication?

UPDATE: Just checked the US App Store, and CN Anything is in fact available! Opening in landscape orientation, the app is ad-supported with no authentication required. The user experience is unique: a continuous stream of micro-games, quizzes and 15 second clips. Ads are interstitial banners. This is definitely supplemental to the cable-TV experience, rather than meant to replace it, but I have to applaud CN’s innovation with this service.

The Anything UX:


Source: Cartoon Network pioneers gadget-only content in SE Asia | Telecom Asia