What To Watch? When Mobile Is The First Screen

A snack-sized history of the TV guide, and the case for push video.

You might remember these vintage TV listings, with their grid-like user interface:

The modern digital equivalent is the IPG/EPG – Interactive/Electronic Program Guide.

However, with the average household now having access to hundreds of TV channels, yet watching less than 10% of those, the IPG/EPG suffers the same scaling and usability nightmare as its analog predecessor.

Any Netflix subscriber will not be surprised to hear that content discovery
consumes 18 minutes of searching, for every 90 minutes of content watched.

Even Apple with its new tvOS, and an app for every channel, does not improve the usability of content discovery.

Mobile Is The First Screen

Does the grid of apps on your phone look like a better user interface for content discovery?

No! If you have hundreds of apps, and use less than 10% of them (sound familiar?) then it looks like some new kind of EPG nightmare.

So what is the solution?

From pull to push

As the media industry rewires itself to compete for the attention of millennials and cord-cutters, video consumption is shifting from pull to push.

“Pull” is when a media publisher builds an app and expects you to regularly find it on your phone, to discover and enjoy some content.

“Push” is when big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology is applied such that content finds the right audience at the perfect moment.

The opportunity for engaging mobile audiences with push video content is staggering, because smartphone users now check their phone over 200 times per day.

And the most frequent reasons for checking your phone? FOMO and TTK – Fear Of Missing Out, and Time To Kill.

Amazon knows this – ref. personalised content on the lock screen of FireOS mobile devices

Microsoft knows this – ref. smart Metro tiles

Facebook knows this – ref. the new Notify app

Apple knows this – ref. iOS interactive notifications

And Google knows this – ref. Google Now

Push Video

At Incoming Media, we push video.

Our machine-learning technology analyses content metadata and mobile behaviour to pick the best content for each viewer.

And we sample smartphone sensors to learn and predict each viewer’s mobile day parts – e.g. at home, in transit, or Time To Kill.

Mobile viewers watch 3x more content with Push Video, because the right video content is pushed in advance to their device and revealed at the perfect moment, for guaranteed flawless playback – zero buffering, full HD quality – even when offline!


If you are a media publisher wanting to engage mobile audiences with the right content at the perfect moment, to increase engagement, retention and premium ad inventory, then contact us to find out more!