In Search of the Perfect Mobile Moment

Smartphone addiction, ranging from mild to severe, affects much of today’s mobile audience (not me though!). We look at our phones 100-200 times per day. Capturing an audience’s attention on mobile is a challenge. So many apps, so much content, notifications, noise. What is best approach to cut through and achieve the coveted engagement that brands and media owners seek?

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There’s a moment in the day, when amongst the thousands of things competing for our attention, that you’re ready to be engaged with a specific message or piece of content. You could be on the subway, or waiting for an Uber, or in the gym after work. At some time, you are more receptive and open to communication, providing that it’s meaningful and relevant to you.

It varies with content and context. What I want watch on Monday morning at the gym (news) is different to Saturday afternoon with friends (the game update).


It’s the Perfect Mobile Moment, and media and brands are looking for it. As video goes mobile, programming to specific mobile day-parts will become essential for reaching audiences. Matching the right content to the right time and context is the new frontier for mobile video.

At Incoming Media, we’ve learned how to engage mobile audiences with the right video at the perfect moment. We do this 1:1 context personalization at scale by predictively pre-loading video directly to the notification center or app.  If you’re a premium video content owner, contact us to learn how we can help your mobile engagement strategy.