Mobile Video: the Edge of Entertainment

It happened gradually, then suddenly. Mobile is now the premier platform for video. For many, especially Millennials, it’s not the first, second or third screen. It’s just “the screen”.

From the early days of walled gardens and WAP, the mobile device has evolved to be a personal entertainment powerhouse, driven by larger, better and cheaper devices, and faster network technologies. Mobile’s share of video plays is up 367% since 2013. Things are just starting to get interesting.

Publishers have responded by making video available across a multitude of apps, and mobile-specific content creators are starting to come into their own.

Viewing content on a mobile device shouldn’t mean compromising. The co-founder of Pixar, John Lasseter, said “Great technology should be invisible. It’s not the technology that entertains people, it’s what you do with the technology.”

The time where users will put up with a second-rate experience on their handset has passed, and they will be unforgiving when the quality doesn’t match their ever-increasing expectations. Instant, high-quality playback is one. Recommendations that are actually relevant is another.

It’s time that the mobile screen offered the best possible experience for consumers, content owners and advertisers. So to make mobile better, we need elegant solutions for the following challenges:

How can we re-engage audiences? How can we create premium mobile inventory for advertisers? Increase fill and completion rates? How can we capture the elusive Millennials’ attention, and keep them engaged? How does one service stand out among the dozens of apps that are loaded on their phones?

At Incoming Media, we’ve set out to solve these challenges and more. By pre-positioning video to provide instant HD playback, coupled with deep behavioral analytics that reveal the perfect time (and context) to engage your users, Incoming’s solutions drive engagement, retention and monetization for quality video publishers.

It’s a great time to be in the video business, even as the industry grapples with changing business models – and the winners are far from certain. At Incoming Media, we’ll be working with the leaders in news, music, entertainment and sports to help them win mobile video. What can we do for you?