Android Application Design

The Channels MenuChannelsMenu

The channels menu provides the user access to all of their channels and  applications settings.

This menu is simply one click (or a swipe) away so that the user is never lost and can easily jump from channel to channel.

From this menu the user can also create more channels, adjust the application settings, and access and manage their incoming queue.


The Player Controls

The player controls give the user even more options.  By tapping the screen the user accesses the controls allowing them to perform all the player actions including scrubbing through time, and sharing, deleting, or liking a video.

The controls are arranged neatly around the screen for ease of use on a tablet or phone screen while providing an unobstructed view of the video.



Between videos the user is presented with some simple choices.  They can select to watch the next video or choose an alternate video.  This feedback helps the application learn about the user and provide better content.

These interstitial screens also offer tips and prompts teaching the user more about the application and encouraging them to connect via more networks for more videos and even better recommendations.